He must have been a boy scout…

""Because of my driver’s license issues, and because I am running out of excuses, I decided to walk today. Not just for exercise but to actually get somewhere too! Once upon a time (only a few years ago) I used to walk at least 10 miles a day. Figure I need to get back to that, especially if my feet are going to become my primary mode of transportation again.

The plan was to be out the door by 9 am, walk the 5 miles to where I wanted to go, do my business, and walk back getting home before my dad’s companion needed to leave for the day. Since I have not been doing it regularly it would no doubt be a bit of a challenge, but I need to push myself again.

I was promptly out the door by 10 am.

Not an ideal start!

I started of at a good pace, moving right along.  Feeling good even. Was nice to actually move the body with purpose for a change.

By the time I got to 2 miles 10 miles seemed a lot longer than I remembered. Maybe opting for a 10 mile round trip when I have not been walking regularly forever was not the brightest goal. Besides since I did not actually get out the door when I planned I would probably not be back when I needed to. So I took a random left, and opted for a long random walk instead. Kept walking til I knew where I was again and an hour and half and 5 miles later was back at the house, feeling good and content for the exercise and change of scenery.

Though it was a pleasant walk, there was nothing really remarkable about it; nothing worth blogging about except for one little incident that made me laugh. There is a major intersection I have to cross along the route I was going. It is one of those ones where there is only a sidewalk on one side, and it is generally a good idea to use the walk light and the cross walks. I got to this intersection and there was a utility worker there preparing to work on the light there. So it was no surprise when I went to press the walk button there was no walk button to press.

""The utility guy says not to worry, all he needed to do was connect a few wires. Bends down and pulls out a whole bunch of wires. Fiddles with em a bit. Pulls out a tool and fiddles more. Then suddenly says there is an easier way, stands up and steps into the street ans stops traffic so I can walk across!

Have to admit I did not expect that. Nice to know that chivalry is not dead! Though if I had known he was going to do that I would just have run across on my own.

Did put a smile on my face for the rest of the walk though…