Healer, heal thyself!


Those who fall into the category of healer or caretaker often share one character “flaw”. They all to often forget to apply the same level of care to themselves. This is really true of ANY giving personality. We tend to place others before ourselves, to our own detriment. And this can be a very hard habit to break.

Just ask any mother.

For some reason, such people tend to think that putting “me” first is somehow selfish. Others need me, I am not as important. It takes clear eyes and a bit of strength to see how unrealistic this kind of thinking can be. Not only is it shortsighted, but it can be quite unhealthy.The fact is we are the FIRST people we need to care for, for a couple of reasons. First of all, how can we take care of others if we are unable to function ourselves? And example is the BEST way to show the value of healthy living. Who are you most likely to heed? The smoker telling you how to eat healthy, or the runner?

If we want to help others live happy, healthy live, we first need to be sure that WE are doing the same. In pursuit of this idea for myself, I am going on a journey. I have mentioned it before … my plans to hike the Appalachian Trail. That is how the whole concept of Coach Steve came into existence. But my attempts at creating a life out of this have met minimal success. Not because it is too hard. Not because I am not capable of making it happen. But for the simple reason that I have not been practicing what I preach. How can I expect to guide others into a healthier lifestyle when I have not fully committed to one myself?

Thus It All Starts with a Body is going on hiatus. My hike starts in a couple of weeks. It has become more than just a physical challenge for myself; more than just an adventure. It has become an experiment in redefining myself on all levels. Thus my focus will be pretty much fully on the hike. This site will still be available, and access to Team Beach Body products will remain, and anybody interested is very welcome. I will still keep the ability to communicate open, and will help anyone as much as I can. Having personal plans and focusing on self does NOT negate helping others … but rather enhances it.

Until next fall, I will probably not be posting much here, unless I run across something special worth sharing. I will be focusing on the hike For those interested in following me on my journey, I will be doing most of my blogging on the hiking journal (A Tail of a Trail), which can be seen below. Or feel free to follow the blog directly. Hopefully come next fall I will be a better me, and more capable of helping you be a better you!