Homo Happyamiyes (What the H is that?)

Anthropologists have discovered a new species to add to the list of human development. It seems that there is a subspecies of Homo Sapiens called Homo

Homo Happyamiyes skull

Happyamiyes. This subspecies is somewhat rare, but not so rare that they don’t interact with Homo Sapiens. The subspecies is very similar in characteristics to Homo Sapiens, with a few notable differences. For one, they seem to have a permanent smile on their faces. There habitats have proven to be bright, energetic places, and in those instances that Homo Happyamiyes actually congregate, evidence shows that their lives are one big party.

The running theory is that Homo Happamiyes is the next evolution of Homo Sapiens, and that in fact Homo Sapiens can actively evolve into Homo Happyamiyes. Continued studies seem to show that Happyamiyes tend to be healthier and longer living than Sapiens. Their societies seem to flourish, with surprisingly little evidence of any kind of negative social interactions. It is believed that diet, exercise, and a such on things as cooperation and acceptance are key to the transition from Sapiens to Happyamiyes.

Despite the recent recognition of this subspecies, there has been concern in recent years of the survivability of Homo Happyamiyes. Many Homo Sapiens seem very resistant to interactions with Happyamiyes, often resulting in a determined attempt to eradicate them. And there seems to be a plague among the existing Happyamiyes, resulting in many devolving back to simple Sapiens. It is believed that a flawed government and a general air of uncaring is responsible for this.

Efforts are being made to ensure the survival of the species. The efforts generally involve training Sapiens to no only recognize Happyamiyes, but to emulate their way of life. It is believed that if enough Sapiens actually evolve into Happyamiyes, the subspecies will eventually take off, resulting in a new and improved version of humanity.