Hope and a gold tooth

I missed last weeks 100 word challenge, which I guess was a bit controversial! I am trying to get back on the ball this week. I went and wrote a little piece that is no work of art, but I enjoyed. Only to find that I did not have the prompt quite right. But I am going to share that too. Why waste a bit of creativity? Enjoy (both of them I hope)!

The “oopsy” one:

They called him Babes. Few knew where he ever got such a nickname. It did not fit his hulking physique. But then again no one was going to actually ask the monster of a man. Most people avoided talking to him let alone asking him such questions. Beyond his huge size and odd nickname, he stood out for another reason. He had several solid gold teeth. I’ll never forget the day Johnny Sledgehammer came into the pawnshop to get some money for his newest acquisition. A gold tooth! When asked where he got it, he said with a grin: “Out of the mouth of Babes!”

And the “following the rules” one:

He asked “What will save us?”. The great thinkers did not know. With all their education and their proud knowledge; with all their arrogance they did not know. Those with long lives; with the wisdom gained from years of experience? They did not know. Doom on the horizon, the answer was more important then ever. Those who should know could not give it! Tearfully watching a group of blissfully unaware young children, he despairingly asked again “What will save us?” One bright eyed child grabbed his hand and said “Love oo!” With wonder he thought: “Out of the mouths of babes” …