How does she do it?

""So there I was, in the kitchen, eating a bowl of cereal and talking to mom. As usual, the subject matter jumped all over the place. Mom is not very good at either focusing on what is happening now, or actually listening to what you are saying. Makes for some aggravating conversations. She has mastered the art of thinking about everything except what is right before her. Especially she thinks about what is about to happen next.

Anyway at the time we were speaking about something to do with the requirements of being president of the US (not quite sure how we ended up there to be honest).

""The phone rings. She is not really the most practical woman either. For instance, she would rather wonder how someone might answer a question then simply ask the someone and let them answer. Sometimes drives me batty.

When the phone rings, what does mom do? Does she answer it. Well no, I am actually closer. Does she ask me to answer it? Or just wait for me to answer it? Nah. That would be too obvious.

She says "I hope that isn’t Debbie."

Now of course this startles me. For one Debbie is my sister. Why would she hope it isn’t her daughter? For that matter, why would she assume that a random call would be her daughter.  Yes, we are going to have lunch at Deb’s house tomorrow. Yes the lunch plans were mentioned earlier in the conversation, but as far as I knew the plans were all set. So no reason to assume it was her calling.""

"Why," I said, "would you even think that is Debbie?" as I reached for the phone.

"It is Debbie!" I then proceeded to say. "That is just scary" I added as I handed mom the phone.

You gotta love mom.