Monthly Archives: April 2011

The definition of competence!

Since I am not one who ever does things the easy way, I find myself frequently struggling with "the man". It is my firm belief that bureaucracy is the worst thing that mankind ever had the misfortune of creating. Even the word itself is impossible to spell, thanks to an abundance of unnecessary letters. My life these days is ... Read More

Ice Cream and Crayons

The other day, while Squeak was battling Dragons, I wandered out with my trusty camera for adventures of my own. It was such a beautiful day, and things were really starting to bloom finally. I too quite a few pics(take a look here if you are curious). Overall a very pleasant outing. The real adventure ... Read More

St. Squeak and the Dragon … Electrolux

It was a beautiful day today, one of the first for this spring … finally. So of course our intrepid adventurer Squeak had a field day with going outside. Everybody in the house found some motivation today. Even dad sat outside for a bit. I was out and about adventuring on my own, possibly another story. We ... Read More

What day IS it?

I am not one who lives by schedules. I rarely even know what day of the week it is, let alone the actual date. My dad was always a bit like this too. Of course since I am currently not working, and dad has Alzheimer’s … it is that much worse. The days start to ... Read More

I just got younger!

It has been my experience that the older a person gets, the more stubborn they get. My mother for instance. I have been have some legal problems with my driver’s license (if you are really curious take a look here). Mom had just received an update from the car insurance company. You know one of those ones ... Read More

A candle by any other name…

I have worn many hats in my life. A recent addition to the collection has me as bar staff at a function hall. It is a seasonal thing. The new season is starting up now, so I worked some weddings this weekend. As you might imagine, there are many details that need attention to prepare for a wedding. Some ... Read More

Password protection

These days we do everything electronically. This, I am sure, is not news to anyone. Everything has its website. And of course every website has its security. As far as I can tell, the only people who heightened security actually prevents from getting into a website are the ones who have a legitimate cause to ... Read More

Reading minds

Since mom is apparently psychic (at least when it is most inconvenient to be), she seems to think that everyone else is too. She is notorious for starting a conversation in the middle, assuming you have a clue what she is talking about.  Or she will be upset because you did or did not do something, when she never actually expressed ... Read More

A Cat By Any Other Name (via Life in the Boomer Lane)

Despite the title of this site, it is not really about cats. Yet cat stories do really show the humorous side of life. This is the first of hopefully many posts by other folk. I hope to gather anecdotes from many sources. Cat involvement not a requirement. This particular post pointed out to me by ... Read More

Skill … or luck?

I have a passion for photography. I have been told I have some skill in the area, and I have to admit I occasionally take a good pic. Sometimes even on purpose! The funny thing is that most of my favorite photos are a matter of luck. Some may have even been just an accident. The best ... Read More