Monthly Archives: May 2011

Judges and book covers

Today I once again got to experience the wonders of the American Justice System … possibly an oxymoron … first hand. Today was the day that it was determined if my evil, dastardly self should get the proverbial chair for my horrible deeds. No doubt you are now perched on the edge of your chair, ready to ... Read More

Murphy’s Traffic Laws

There I was driving along. It was a road in the middle of nowhere. Straight road with miles between cross roads. Not another soul on the road. I could see the next cross road up ahead, though it would be several minutes until I actually reached it. Not a soul on that road either. Been driving for a couple of ... Read More

A visit to the watering hole

Today was a bit different. This bright, yellow, heat generating entity appeared in the sky. Wasn’t quite sure what the thing was, but it was different enough to encourage me to leave the safety of my cave to investigate. So while I was actually out and moving, I decided to wander the 2.5 miles down to my favorite watering hole for a ... Read More

Did I sleep through the end of the world again?

March 26, 1997. The sinful masses were going about their sinful business. The curious  and the learnéd had their telescopes out. The devout prepared the cool aid. And the Comet Hale-Bopp did a fly by. The alien space ship on board was all set to wipe out our naughty planet and start fresh. The cool aid loving devout of course would ... Read More

For you teachers out there…

When I first started this blog a few months back the intent was to share the humor that can be found in everyday situations (even in situations that are on the surface not necessarily positive). Still the intent of the blog. Unfortunately the state of my life at the moment is such that I don’t actually face a lot ... Read More

Resume writing tips

There is nothing fun about looking for a job. Anyone who has ever had to do it can testify to this. Which basically means just about anyone who has ever HAD a job. However some are lucky enough to only have to do this once or twice in their lives, so they can quickly block ... Read More

Ninja remotes

As time crawls along, we tend to label the various parts of our history based on the prevailing personalities of the time.  The Baby Boomers. The Me Generation. The X Generation. To name a few examples. I dub this the Remote Generation. Everything these days can be done remotely. Thanks to the wonders of connectivity technology, you ... Read More

That’s what they are for isn’t it?

One thing I have noticed as I have taken up blogging is that it is a great way to reminisce. Often it is other’s posts or comments that bring back these memories. This particular memory resurfaced when I was reading blogging friend Sandi’s (Ahhsome) post G- is for Garage Bash- party! (A-Z Challenge), as reflected in the comment there (I ... Read More

Making friends, the digital way…

Earlier I was writing a bit introducing a new friend and contributor for my other site. As is often the case, I did not really know what I was going to write until I wrote it. After the fact it seemed that the bulk of it would actually fit well as a post on this ... Read More