Monthly Archives: June 2011

Steak anyone?

One of my blogging buddies does a regular post about the horrible events continuously being reveled in his local Crime Blotter. If you want a giggle … er … um … a glimpse of the dark side of humanity ya might want to take a peek. But one of the events on said blotter reminded me of something that ... Read More


Once upon a time, memories were something we stored in our head. Until humans realized what an unreliable storage source the human brain could be, and sought more permanent solutions. Next thing you know we had books. But us silly humans never being satisfied, we couldn’t stop there. Before long we had such things a photographs and tapes and ... Read More

He must have been a boy scout…

Because of my driver’s license issues, and because I am running out of excuses, I decided to walk today. Not just for exercise but to actually get somewhere too! Once upon a time (only a few years ago) I used to walk at least 10 miles a day. Figure I need to get back to that, ... Read More

De-smurfing! There’s an app for that!

A friend of mine’s uncle is buying a boat that he will soon be using for charters. Some work needs to be done on it before it is fully sea worthy, so my buddy asked me if I wanted to help yesterday. Having no plans (par for the course these days), and liking the idea of actually ... Read More

Getting some sun …

For several reasons, I have been neglecting both of my blogs in the last few weeks. Partly from a severe lack of energy and motivation. Today I decided to get off my arse and start living my life again (unexciting as it may be right now). I noticed it was a beautiful day outside, so ... Read More

I am a little short today!

Being the wandering soul that I am, I have not exactly been regular with such mundane things as yearly checkups. I am generally a healthy guy. That being said, when I do break I go all out. Like crushing my leg in a car accident or having a heart attack. So for the last couple ... Read More

Idealistic Youth

Memorial day weekend my sister took a trip with her beau and some friends to Washington D. C. Afterwards she told me a little about the trip causing a nice flashback effect for me. It is odd how I frequently get flashbacks from my college years. Can’t imagine why that would be! I figured before the dust settled back ... Read More

Ode to Gracie

When we were kids, my dad virulently hated cats. We had a few unfixed, feral cats in the neighborhood, and he took a certain joy on dumping water on them to chase em away when they started their mating songs. Not sure why he disliked them so. But he did. Then a few years back, ... Read More