Monthly Archives: July 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Whatever programmer wrote the genetic code had a serious sense of humor! Take hair for instance. Hair is programmed with color and texture. Which makes sense. But it also seems to be programmed with a sense of direction. This hair goes to the top of your head. This one is an arm hair. This also makes sense. The humor ... Read More

New phonage … the saga continues …

I got a lot of exercise yesterday running up and down the stairs wondering if the FeEx guy had come yet. Finally, roughly 24 hours from when I expected, the package arrived. I had a nice chat with the delivery guy as he explained how vigorously he had banged on the door yesterday. Then calmly ... Read More

FedEx Blues!

After my slight difficulty with ordering my new toy, one might guess I would be a little excited to get it. Especially if one has encountered my impatient streak. I was very happy to get the e-mail from Verizon stating that the order had been placed and had been scheduled for Next Day delivery. They even provided me ... Read More

Why Verizon does not rule the world (or does it?) …

Difficulty: my cell phone charger no longer works. Possible solutions: Buy a new charger. Use this as an excuse to upgrade your phone to a cool toy that costs more money than you actually have to spare and does way more things than you will ever need. And while you are at it upgrade your mother’s ancient ... Read More

Writing assistant

I have recently taken it upon my self to attempt to write a book. This may not be news to my small following since most of you who visit me here probably also visit my other blog. But for those who are interested or have not gotten this little snippet of info, you can read ... Read More

Teaching an old dog new lines

Living with people who have … established … ways of thinking and acting can be quite frustrating. But if one can step away from the frustration (is it accurate to call wanting to pull your hair out and scream maniacally frustration?) it can also be pretty amusing. Those of you who know me or have followed this ... Read More

Faux texts

According to, a telephone is "an apparatus, system, or process for transmission of sound or speech to a distant point, especially by an electric device." Obviously, this definition was made before they invented the modern cell phone. These days, it seems our vocal chords are quickly being replaced by our fingers. Sometimes it seems we have more conversations in the form of visual words then audible voices. Email. Chat.  Social sites. And ... Read More

Always a bridesmaid … never a groomsman

As one might imagine, working as staff at weddings can be a very entertaining job. Weddings are all about celebration and having fun … well in theory at least. Sometimes there is a fair amount of drama to be had, especially after the booze has been flowing. Ironically on the busier and wilder weddings, I ... Read More

Epic battle

Yesterday was the 4th of July. What better way to celebrate the 4th then a battle for freedom? In this case freedom for our grill! Our grill had not been used yet this summer. In the past few years (especially since dad’s ailment) it has not been used much at all. But there are certain days that, by ... Read More

A visit from The Avon Lady

Despite rumor and ample evidence to the contrary, summer is actually upon us now. And possibly one of the greatest summer inventions humans can lay claim to it is … you ready for it? The barbecue grill! I know some (me for instance) who would use a barbecue grill year round. Even in snowy New ... Read More