Monthly Archives: August 2011

Twitter too?

After spending my recent 34 hour stint without electricity, I realize what an addict I have become. It is a good thing I got my recent toy otherwise I would be a shuddering pile of goo on my floor. But thankfully I survived, and am here now to ramble away. Yesterday my sister Lisa (of ... Read More

Does anyone speak cat?

One of the ironies of me creating a blog called The Ninja Cat Journals is that I am not really a cat person. Sure I get along with them ok, but I like my cat free space too. It has been my experience that the more you do not want to be catted, like for ... Read More

City sailing

Water sports have always been a passion of mine. I pretty much enjoy doing anything on the water. For several reasons sailing is one of my favorites. So it was rather ironic that the last major move I made was to Arizona. A landlocked desert state. Even more ironic that for a period anyway Arizona had ... Read More

A sheepish adventure

This is the first week of my mom’s official retirement. Among other things, this means I now have more freedom to leave the house, since my mom will be around more often to watch dad. At no extra cost. This also means I have more incentive to leave the house too. Mom is … well ... Read More

The iPhone exercise program

Since I have been house bound for so long, I have definitely not been exercising as I should. It does not help that I am doing all this writing and other activities that are keeping me on the computer. I am most definitely developing "writer’s butt!" This is not only making me feel like crap physically, but it ... Read More

Blessed are the holey clothes

I have never been a fashion plate. This of course would come as no surprise to anyone who has actually met me. To me, clothes serve one purpose. To protect one from the elements. So my ideal clothing is comfortable and sturdy. Comfortable for obvious reasons. Sturdy though? Basically they need to both be able ... Read More

Do you remember the days?

Memory is such an interesting phenomenon. It is sometimes rather humorous when it fails us. And it can happen to all of us. Even when I was much younger I would often find myself going into a room and having no idea why I went there in the first place. Granted in my younger days there may have been alternative ... Read More

The bad odor diet

Frequently, when I go on one of my adventures in the area, I will end up eating lunch somewhere. The more vigorous the adventure, the more sure whatever I eat is likely to be unhealthy and calorie ridden. We wouldn’t want my exercise to actually take now would we? The wonders of self-justification! Anyway the other day I went out and ... Read More

I really put my foot in it this time

As anyone who has ever stubbed a toe or stepped on a pebble while barefoot can testify to, feet are sensitive buggers. Most people I know who are not really ticklish are at the very least ticklish on their feet. I have made a habit of training my feet into toughness (read that as I never wear ... Read More