Monthly Archives: October 2011

Who you gonna call …

As Halloween hides around the corner, what more appropriate than an anecdote about ghosts and goblins and such. As a tribute to Japser’s becoming a Ninja in Training, my sister (Jasper’s mom), shared this little anecdote of recent events: Jasper Sees Spirits Whine, whine, bark. This strange noise has woken me several times over the ... Read More

New Hires!

When I first came up with the idea for this site, I envisioned a few things going differently. For one I had this crazed delusion that it would quickly become a world phenomenon, and that others would be flocking to jump onboard and share their own humorous anecdotes as well. Of course within five minutes of actually activating the site, I hit my ... Read More

Skynet is upon us (or is that iNet?)

There is distinct difficulty with being a technophobic technophile! Ranks up there with being an anti-social party animal. Or a pacifist who loves war games. I may have mentioned I am a Gemini. For instance I am not at all a fan of phones. To me phones are tools of the anti-{insert preferred deity here}. As far as I ... Read More

A good trip!

In my recent little hiking adventure with my sister and my niece, a little incident happened at the end that, while in itself not exactly ground breaking news, inspired the noggin towards bloggin’ silliness. Of course, me being me it has taken said noggin a couple of weeks to get the silliness from the noggin to the ... Read More

Screw, anyone?

The other day found me sitting at my desk on my computer doing computerish things. Of course that is to be expected because that is pretty much all I do these days. I don’t recall what I was specifically doing. I might have actually been doing something productive like working on my book. It’s been known to happen! On ... Read More

Really, it’s a bargain!

I did something today I have not done in quite some time. I went to the supermarket with my mom. Before you get the idea that I was being the dutiful and helpful son, I’ll set the record straight by saying I got a ride to pharmacy to get my flu shot (too lazy to ... Read More

Why I don’t play the lottery

I have recently been playing with my newest addiction, Words with Friends. Most likely if you are on Facebook, Twitter, or have a smart phone, you have at least encountered this game. It is basically Scrabble with some slightly modified rules. And one crazy ass dictionary. I think the game randomly makes up words as aceptable just ... Read More

Automatically speaking …

It is rather scary how much modern society had become reliant on automation. And how humorous it can be when the automation fails. I am sure we can all remember a time when we expected something to work automatically and it did not. Or seeing the same happen to another. Admit it the temptation to laugh is ... Read More