Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Circuit of Youth?

The holiday season is one filled with contradictions. It is a season of good cheer that stands out more because it is mixed with the killer instinct (Mall shopping for instance. Or parking lots.) A season of cursing the weather while hoping it snows that one day. A season of sharing love with your family … when ... Read More

The power of food

Despite my desperate attempts to be a Scrooge, somehow this season still occasionally manages to infect me with that most horrible of sensations: Good Cheer. I blame two things for this unfortunate condition. Music and food. Now music can go either way. It can trigger that whole distressful Happy Happy Joy Joy feeling if played in ... Read More

Making the whack’a’mole

Deciding what to write about today was made easier by the creation I am torturing the world with on my other blog. Food is on the mind, especially the kind of food that screams: "Festivities are to be had!!" As payment for giving us a place to sleep, the hostess of the recent party weekend had us ... Read More

Redefining "Gratitude".

In theory this is the season when we are supposed to remember those nifty characteristics of humanity that make the aliens think our world may actually be worth keeping around … for a while anyway. Things like kindness, giving, gratitude and love. We all know what I am talking about (even if some of us are masterful in ... Read More

Close your eyes before you read this

Sometimes I admire our advanced society sooooo much. I mean you really have to respect a culture that is so concerned with explaining how to do things, and ensuring that they are done safely. For instance we all know cars can be a very dangerous thing if used incorrectly. So it is imperative that all users are ... Read More

The meds must have worn off!

Once upon a time I was a fit kind of guy. Back in the days when I actually got off the computer once in a while and got more exercise than the trek to the ‘fridge. I even was something resembling athletic. And could loosely be called flexible in the right company. The combination of a freak car juggling ... Read More