Monthly Archives: January 2012

Open on Saturdays

My post today on my other blog involving days of the week and bureaucracy conjured up another amusing anecdote from my sordid past. As anyone who has followed either of my blogs might know, I have no patience at all for bureaucracy, especially for that involved with traffic law. This particular story is one of the numerous ... Read More

Trust me, I am him!

Once again I am incredibly impressed by how technology has vastly improved some services! Take online security for instance. I know I have mentioned it before, but it is so amazing how secure I feel about things now that I just HAD to share again! My father has an account in a local bank that is solely in his ... Read More

How cell phones have changed the medical world

Once upon a time, going to the doctor’s office went something like this: You show up to the office earlier than your appointment with the hopes that by being early you will get in and out more quickly (despite many years of proof to the contrary). Unfortunately the three other people who are scheduled for the same time with the same ... Read More

I need to be where?

As I wonder through life, trying to figure out what I am going to do when I grow up, I have had many different types of jobs. My most recent attempt to pretend I was actually part of the working world had me as a lifeguard at a Health Club. This job suited me because it had ... Read More

Ninja salsa

While I am on the subject of my challenges with snack products, I figured I would share a food faux pas I made during my recent stint as Uncle Mom. While her mom and dad were of celebrating their anniversary this past weekend, my niece Sarah and I spent some quality Uncle/Niece time together. You know doing things ... Read More

My cup does not runneth

The other day, I was doing my best to be all writerly. I was sitting in a coffee shop with my sister and my Macbook Pro, writing, eating, chatting … in short doing my best to imitate the stereotypical starving artist type. My brother-in-law also stopped in for a bit, then they left to do teacherly things at ... Read More

A seedy incident

We live in a culture that aims for ease and comfort in all things. We don’t want to have to put more effort into anything than is absolutely necessary. We have remotes for everything so that we don’t actually have to get up and push a button. We have moving stairways and walkways to ensure that our ... Read More

You can even do THAT!

If you have followed this blog at all, you know I have an iPhone. Being the technophobic technophile that I am, I have mixed feelings about this. It can be an extremely useful tool. I mean as the saying goes, "They have an app for that!" Don’t know how to get from heya to theya? ... Read More

You can’t get theya from heya …

It is time for me to accept the fact that I am transportationally challenged. It is often hard to accept when we are different, but there is no denying this anymore. Beyond the whole can’t drive legally thing, it seems that I am not qualified to even use … gasp … public transportation. And in these ... Read More

All American!

Been unusually busy the last couple of weeks (at least by my standards). Between the holidays and my recently starting a stint as Uncle Mom (likely more about that later), I have barely had the chance to find excuses not to write! Er … um … I mean the time to write. But it is time to ... Read More