Monthly Archives: February 2012

To scoop or not to scoop?

I have spent the last few days with the Junior Squad of the Ninja Cats. My sister, brother-in-law and niece are off on an adventure in the Wilds of New York, and in order to prevent Hurricane Jasper (Jasper tends to make it well-known how much he misses the family), it was deemed that a chaperone was ... Read More

A slydexics guide to gglobing

As far as I know, I am not dyslecix. Nor do I stutter. Yet somehow I foten find myself stumbling over words when I speak, and when I am typing out somehting new … well less just say it is a lesson in editorial patiece. Despite actually taking typing in highschool, and knowing the way ... Read More

What happens when I actually leave the house

Yep, I actually broke the hermetic code and went on a trip to "The City" yesterday. It was quite the adventure, and my devoted five no doubt can’t wait to skip it entirely hear all about it!! So here is a play-by-play of sorts: The adventure got off to a rocky start when the combined ... Read More

The terrible "seventy eights" …

As anyone who is dealing with illness in someone close to them knows, it can be a trial for all involved. Some ailments are as much or more a stress on those beholding it than on the victim themselves. Part of the reason I created this blog was as a way to look at things differently; to see the ... Read More

Always helpful!

As I mentioned in my last post, despite my status as a technophobic technophile (or maybe because of it), I frequently find my life revolves around all things computer. There are even times in my life that I would appear to the right audience as even having a clue what I am about. How else would I ... Read More

How to learn a new computer program … not!

One of the great ironies in my life is that almost every job, creative endeavor, and solid friendship I ever made has eventually revolved around some level of skilled use of computers, and yet I flunked every computer course I ever took in a formal school environment. This should come as no surprise since I ... Read More

The dangers of writing in your head

As I wander through life pretending to be a writer (how does one define a writer anyway?), I often find that my wanderings are frequently made more dangerous by the writer-ing part. I once wrote on my other blog on some lessons I learned quickly as I started really buckling down and assuming the writer role … ... Read More

Woohoo! I’m rich!!

When you set about doing something like writing a blog about the hilarity found in everyday life, it requires actually experiencing life occasionally. One of the issues of living life as a hermit, and a lazy one at that, is that life does not exactly rush to entertain said hermit. Let’s face it, tripping over a ... Read More