Monthly Archives: March 2012

Knot that again!

I am a fairly smart guy. I tend to get things that make others go "Huh?" Don’t get me wrong, I am no genius (well technically I am if you believe a test grade … but I for one don’t believe), but I do have a talent of seeing what others don’t necessarily see. Of course this might ... Read More

Fancy is always better right?

In my many years of working with computers, I have used many different word processing programs. And they all seem to have one thing in common. They are all way more complicated than the average human being actually needs. Word processing ranks up there with smart phones in unnecessary development. Sure they do all sorts of cool things, but invariably they ... Read More

Foot fetishes and impish smiles

If you have recently glanced at my other blogs (especially the photo one) you will realize that not only have I just bought a new camera, but have been using it fairly frequently recently. If you did not actually know I had other blogs, or don’t, in fact care that I do …  I just bought a ... Read More

The drawbacks of spring cleaning

I have always been a subscriber to the "everything has its pile, and every pile has its place" method of organization. Whenever I try to get a little more organized than that, for instance alphabetizing things, neatening and labeling and such craziness as that, I invariable cause trouble for myself. Nothing ensures my inability to find something at a later date MORE than ... Read More

You can bank on it!

Once upon a time, I worked like an "average" person. I had regularly scheduled hours. I had a car, credit cards, bills to pay … the works. And I actually attempted to occasionally balance my check book. That of course was the first mistake. I invariably ended up going over limits, being late, stressing out over lack of funds ... Read More

And I didn’t even notice!

I am heading away for the weekend to do some debauchery … er … um … good deeds …. so I am anticipating not having a post here for a few days. Not that the world at large will actually notice my absence, but there are one or two people who might notice I am ... Read More

The Paper Apocalypse

Once upon a time humans did not write. This made life difficult for the bureaucratically inclined. How in the world would Og, First Director For the Distribution of Head  Bashed Beasties know who was eligible for a juicy piece of haunch if nobody could fill out the proper forms? Life before form filling must have been absolute chaos! Then some clever ... Read More

Have we really gotten that lazy?

It is funny how when we are younger, we never envision an older version of ourselves wandering around the world thinking (and occasionally saying) "When I was younger …", invariably said with an old person’s voice. Yet now that I am old enough to start saying "I USED to be able to do that!" I find myself ... Read More