Monthly Archives: April 2012

Tall tales to tempt

Recently my days have become rather routine. I wake up nice and early with the sun … and promptly roll over and go back to sleep. I then wake up again in a while later, and in an effort to pretend that I am actually going to do something useful pick up my phone and do something ... Read More

"Penny for your thoughts" is overcharging …

I am not one for reading newspapers or watching the news. It has been my experience they are more interested in impressing the masses and getting the most viewers than actually imparting anything resembling useful information. Sort of like me as a blogger. That said, I occasionally will pick up a newspaper because something catches my eye, or someone points ... Read More

Baby Anti Monkey Butt ( seriously)

Being the non-materialistic soul that I am, I have to admit that most advertising confounds me. Certain things I can sort of see, such as movie commercials to draw one to a movie. But most other ads just make me despair of humanity (if humanity is as totally driven by shiny things as the ads seem to suggest). TV ... Read More

It’s all in who you know!

Just when I think that I am really only a speck of dust on the television screen of life, something comes along that makes me say: "I am more than just a speck! I might even be a whole dust bunny!!" Thanks to the wonders of the internet, this actually happens fairly often. I think it is a fair ... Read More

Robot romance

In this day and age of electronic communications and socializing, meeting people has really become an odd experience. People seem to lose the ability to actually easily interact face to face … especially the more they master the art of electronic socializing. Once upon a time folk on say … Public Transit … would masterfully avoid eye ... Read More

An advantage of baldness

I am not exactly a renowned world traveller, but I have seen my fair share of here and there. You could say I have been about a bit … if you can actually SAY it that is. Go ahead. Try. Every place has its charms and its challenges. Being a more nature oriented lad, I ... Read More

A Bevy of Beautiful … Babes?

A conspiracy of events and memories brings you today’s post. Everybody loves a good conspiracy! I am once again delving into the world of theater. It has been a long time since I played at … well … playing. I am auditioning for a job tomorrow, something I have not done in quite a while ... Read More

April Fools!!

I am not much for holidays. I find that most holidays have lost their true essence and now are more celebrated for their sales potential. Some holidays, as far as I can tell, simply exist just for that reason alone. That said, there is actually one holiday that seems to resonate with me. It seems the essence ... Read More