Monthly Archives: May 2012

A hermit’s guide to a social life

A lot of people complain about how they have no social life. I decided based on my years of experience and study to share some of my techniques. Maybe some will benefit from my wisdom and find themselves fighting off friends. Here are a few of the more notable suggestions: Do not work. Don’t have an income. ... Read More

You don’t like it? Have another!

Let’s imagine for a moment. Let’s imagine that we go into the hospital, for say …  a bit of mild cosmetic surgery to get rid of that unsightly mole on the tip of our nose. Let’s further imagine that when we wake up the next morning we find that our right foot is missing. One ... Read More

My little 46 year old

These days, if I were to write a self description for say … a dating site, it would look something like this: 46-year-old unemployed and asset-less man with no transportation. Lives with his mom. Fit … for an 80-year-old. Has a sense of humor. I can just see the prospects lining up now! The funny thing is ... Read More

If the shoe fits …

As some may gather from reading my posts here and on my other blog, I am a long hair hippie type. Well except for the long hair. Or any hair for that matter. And the fact that I live in a suburban household. And I really don’t do drugs, or actively protest things and such. ... Read More

Meaningful sounds

Language is a curious little beastie. It is filled with all sorts of interesting sounds that somehow convey meaning to others. And that is really all language ultimately is … a series of sounds. Sure these sounds can also be represented symbolically, but the symbols still refer to sounds for most people. I often wonder ... Read More

It’s nice to be missed!

Being the skilled hermit I have become, I don’t get much in the way of mail. Well at least the kind that is delivered by hand. There are a few things I expect on a regular basis: the random notice from the state telling me why my health insurance is or is not my health ... Read More

Today I am a man!

More than ten years ago today, I became a man. I won’t give  you the exact number of years ago. Not because I am afraid to tell you my age, but because I don’t feel like taking my shoes off to have enough digits to do the math. (That might be a good excuse if I didn’t actually already have my ... Read More


I have always lived my life with the belief that simple courtesy makes a huge difference in how others respond to you. If someone gives me something or does something for me, I say "Thank you." I say "Please" when I am asking for something. I say "Excuse me!" if I bump into somebody, or if my ... Read More

Living in an electronic world

I am a fairly smart guy. I am pretty adept at learning things quickly; often on the first try. Yet as I delve more and more into he world of Social Networking, I am finding more and more … … that I just don’t get it. Seriously. What’s the big deal. How does letting your 60,000 followers ... Read More