Monthly Archives: June 2012

Lost in translation

When I was younger (at least a few months ago), we used to play the game telephone. It was something that had to be done with a group of people. Ideal for sitting around a campfire or entertaining a classroom of young children. Basically, one person whispered a  phrase, say something like "I like peanut ... Read More

I am so clean I could eat myself

I am basically a simple guy. In this modern-day and age of hyper competition, where everyone has to make their product stand out somehow so you buy it instead of the three hundred other products that are basically exactly the same except the package is green instead of pink … well let’s just say I don’t shop ... Read More

Inspiring words

Since I have been blogging for a couple of years now, I have gone through that stage of checking my stats every thirty seconds to see if I have become famous yet. Finally after a couple of years it has settled in that most of the millions that must be viewing my blog are doing ... Read More

Magic spell

Back in the days when writing things actually involved these odd creations called paper, pens and pencils … certain things were done slightly differently. For instance research  involved actually opening books and finding things yourself. It wasn’t a matter of typing a question in a little box and getting more information than you actually desire about everything. ... Read More

Math has never been so tasty

Few may know this, or even be able to tell if they have wandered my blogs, but I have a degree in physics. This basically means that I qualify for the label of geek. Or nerd at the very least. And as with many geeks/nerds, I freely admit that I have a fascination with math. ... Read More

Finally! (It’s free!)

I have always found language a very interesting phenomenon. Soooooo many ways to say the same things using basically different sounds.  It gets more interesting when two people are supposedly speaking the same language, yet need a translator. I always get a kick out of watching say … a movie made in Ireland that is actually ... Read More

Dude, where’s my car?

Picture it now. You and your gaggle of … well whatever is following you has spent a busy afternoon at {someplace that has a humongous parking lot}. You and the gaggle come out chattering away highly satisfied {dissatisfied, downright pissed off} at whatever it is you and said gaggle accomplished {did not actually accomplish}. You head ... Read More