Monthly Archives: July 2012

Ooze talking?

An oozing thing about language is that sometimes the tone and intent may get as much information across as the words chosen. For instance, just the other day, I had a very oozy conversation with a pretty oozy friend which was predominantly around the word … do you wanna take an ooze? If you oozed the word "ooze", you ... Read More

The proof is in the proof

One of the oddest creations of the modern world is the ID card. The concept that somehow a piece of plastic or paper with a picture on it is the ultimate proof that someone is who they say they are is somewhat mind-boggling to me. Especially considering how the verification that it is you actually happens. For instance in the ... Read More


If you are here reading this bit o’ nonsense, you no doubt have an inkling of how technology is basically altering the world as we know it. First we had the whole personal computer epidemic, which resulted in the death of the calculator industry and the rise of paper empires (despite claims otherwise). Then we had that whole ... Read More

Anybody thirsty?

I have always loved anything to do with water. I am all about water sports … love swimming, canoeing, kayaking, sailing … you name it and I will probably enjoy it. So it is a complete mystery how I manage to live in a desert state for several years. Ironically said state (AZ) at one ... Read More