Monthly Archives: August 2012

Advice on advice

One of the issues about appearing competent is that … well … people tend to think you are competent. And odd phenomenon related to this seeming to be good at things is that people will often assume that you are good at everything. Let’s face it, the appearance of competence is just asking for trouble. Worse yet if you ... Read More

A lack of haha!

I had the most curious thing happen to me this morning. A truly eye-opening experience. It had me so flabbergasted that I actually did THREE sit-ups getting out of bed (the first two failed mid sit)! I am still in shock about it, but it must be shared! It seems … are you ready for it? Brace your self! It ... Read More


Memory is an interesting invention. Obviously when the divine design team was planning ye olde humans, they wanted to have a little fun with the final product. They seemed to have left a bunch of easter eggs in our heads, kind of like the Microsoft design team always does. Hmmmmm. Anyway one of the things they messed ... Read More

Terrorist Threat!

One of my favorite pastimes is to wander around and about with my camera, taking pictures of whatever catches my eyes. I have even managed to convince a few people I actually have some skill with the thing. It is a great way to explore one’s creative side, as well as refresh the soul. My preference is nature photography, ... Read More

Alien abduction?

I realize that I have not recently regaled the masses with any adventures of our local intrepid explorer, the Mighty Squeak. It is not so much that he has not been having great adventures, but he seems to more and more have them it the outlandish wilds of the back yard, and there are few ... Read More

My paparazzi woes

We live in a universe full of rules and laws. Some of them were put into play long before we (humans) appeared to mess with things. You know the laws of physics and stuff like that. Mankind shows up and can’t be bothered living by other being’s restrictions so goes about making a whole slew ... Read More

Fire dude! (Just kidding!)

In the beginning … … it was cold. A chilly night in the cave? Turn on the heat? Not so much. Throw a few extra mammoth skins on maybe and a good bit o’ snuggling … but that heat thing was still just a dream. The nightly festive gatherings around the central camp pile-o-rocks were ... Read More