Monthly Archives: October 2012

Back to the basics

As one or two folk might have noticed, we seem to have had a slight bit of a storm recently here on the east coast. Nothing to write home about, but she opened an eye or three. She was officially name Sandy, but to the more affectionate among us she was called Frankenstorm. Here in ... Read More

That’s not Kosher!

"Porkchop has been banned from Brockton!" said mom. Brushing the sleep from my eyes, I said "What are you talking about?" She replied, "Brockton banned Porkchop." Now that everything was much clearer, I said "What are you talking about?" "Porkchop the pot-bellied pig …" she clarified. Almost actually awake, I asked, "And who IS Porkchop ... Read More

My baby wears plaid

It is possible that nobody actually noticed, but I have been on a blogging hiatus again. If anyone is curious what I have been up to … let’s just say I took a very looooooooooooooooong nap. As is often the case when one does a Rip Van Winkle, one tends to miss the details of ... Read More