Monthly Archives: November 2012

Siren song

Yesterday was a day to make American’s proud. It was one of those days when everybody comes together for a common cause; when people will drop what they are doing and run, gladly grabbing their wallet for such a worthy cause. In places crowds were often gathered. We as Americans truly showed our cultural soul yesterday!  It was ... Read More

Better than a supermarket!

For most of my non-adult life (which technically means until about two years ago), I had a serious inferiority complex when it came to the female species. Right from day one, I could not understand these exotic creatures. They were a complete mystery to me. Now this made for some rather uncomfortable times in my ... Read More

Truth in advertising

I like to think I am a pretty perceptive fellow. I can learn a lot about a person by their manner of speech or writing, or sometimes even from something a simple as a candid picture of them. I am pretty good at finding patterns and reading between the lines. Not that I am never wrong, but ... Read More

Checking the calendar

I went to lunch with a friend today, and at one point he said 12 12 12. Being the bright and alert guy that I am, I immediately latched on to this and said … "Huh?" He replied, "Isn’t that when the world is supposed to end?" It dawned on me that our prophesied Doomsday ... Read More

Good clean fun!

As I might have mentioned once or thrice, this blog is about finding the funny … even in some not so funny situations. I would like to think that my posts actually demonstrate this, and maybe even generate an occasional chortle or a guffaw if not a downright laugh, but I don’t want to assume. ... Read More