Monthly Archives: December 2012

I won! I won!

Having had a rough few weeks, I was definitely feeling the spirit of the season. Oh yes. Definitely feeling the HUMBUG. My friend decided that no matter what I wanted he was going to cheer me up, so he took me as his third to a holiday party the other night. I knew many of ... Read More

Last goodbyes

Since we only have a few hours left, I just wanted to say goodbye and thank you to my devoted five readers. It has been a joy sharing my little anecdotes, and so kind of you guys to occasionally throw me a bone and say that you actually enjoyed them. To think my blogging career will end ... Read More

Packing List

Before I became a boring middle-aged hermit who barely ever gets out of bed let alone leaves the house, I was quite the adventurous nomadic type. Spontaneity was my key word. Technically it still is. For instance I will spontaneously get out of bed to go to the closet and find a spontaneous snack … but ... Read More

Spelling be

Eye am knot very good with spelling. Partly because eye can knot type very well. Fortunately oui have the technology … oui can rebuild words. Their is of coarse the hole issue of autocorrects with minds of there own, but in general, it is helpful to half those spell checkers on hour side. Eye half ... Read More