Monthly Archives: January 2013

St. Valentine, the Ultimate Conspirator

It is my personal belief that Hallmark is actually a branch of the Illuminati in its never-ending quest for world domination and manipulating history. I don’t have a lot of proof, but there are signs. Think about it. All these little holidays that really don’t mean much of anything. And the technology is constantly advancing. Cards that allow one to record their ... Read More

Don’t squeeze the printer

My grump has been on again big time for the last few days. Writing hilarious stories about everyday life can be tough when a body has a good grump going (especially when the actual level of hilarity is in question).  Fortunately the world, specifically that part of it occupied by humanity, is innately funny, so any self-respecting grump ... Read More

Special effects

Anybody who goes to the movies these days knows that 3D is the new rage. It’s the new black. Apparently it is much easier to believe that the computer generated imagery and fantastic special effects is real if it is coming right at your noggin.  I personally never really saw the attraction. Unless we were ... Read More

Call to arms

As I mentioned a post or two ago, I am currently in a tilting at windmills stage of my life. Again. This has kind of become a bit of a theme in my other blogs, especially the new one which is all about combatting evil windmills. I was trying to keep the idealistic dreamer with his head ... Read More

Look for the whites of their eyes …

Not much scares me. I am a brave guy. Brave squared even. Some might even go so far as to call me crazy. Back in the day, I was the guy who played chicken with cars … except I did not have a car. I was the guy that jumped of cliffs to be sure it was ... Read More

The font of all wisdom

Recently, my core self, that I have labeled Steve Quixote, has escaped from the closet that I had stored him in for a few years now. I am not sure how he got out, but he is once again rampaging around the world, taking on windmills and other destructive objects that cross his path. Well he would ... Read More

Private moments

I am sure I don’t really need to tell anybody this, but humans are just plain silly. It always amuses me how celebrity is the number one focus of most of humanity, and we generate all sorts of excuses why it is not only ok, but actually required to know every little dirty secret of ... Read More

Hello Mr. Christmas

Now that I have had something resembling a good night’s sleep (at least three hours at a time uninterrupted) as well as something also vaguely reminiscent of a healthy meal, my mind is … well still foggy as ever. I am pretty sure nothing can actually fix that. But thankfully the horrible memories of dissolution ... Read More

Future haha

I feel I have been sadly neglecting my humor organ, and thus leaving my adoring public high and dry as they lust for my hilarious anecdotes of a world gone mad (hey just because it’s a New Year does not mean my delusions of grandeur are any less). However, now that the world (and holidays) have ended, I feel ... Read More