Monthly Archives: February 2013

How I lost -1.5 lbs in a week …

I don’t want to imply that I am not perfect or any such silly nonsense, but a week ago I made a pact with one of my blogging buddies to a fearsomefriendly competition to see who can lose the most weight by the end of the year. This idea has taken off a bit, and ... Read More

Cupid is being replaced!

I am constantly amazed at how technology can improve our lives. There is no aspect of our life that has not been made easier by advances in technology. We hardly have to expend any effort at all any more to do … well … anything. Hungry? We could always go to the kitchen, prepare a meal, and ... Read More

Surviving Nemo

DAY 1: It is a dark and stormy night. Actually it is a sunny and cheerful morning. Birds are singing with that spring cheerfulness … which is odd because it is the middle of the winter and we all are huddling in fear for the record-breaking blizzard that is coming any moment now. I  go about my very important ... Read More

Sock it to ’em

I believe there are certain mysteries that is not for humans to understand. Sure we make an effort to, either with science or religion, but there are certain question that will never truly be answered to our satisfaction.  Was the universe designed or caused by a freak lab accident? Do Republicans and Democrats actually come from the same species? ... Read More