Monthly Archives: March 2013

Some much needed offensiveness

Generally when I seek the humor to share in my anecdotes, I am not intending to poke fun at people so much as at the situations. Unless it is myself. However today any barbs I throw are aimed, and I hope they stick a little. When people ACT ridiculous they deserve to be ridiculed. And these days ... Read More

In MY day …

For us supposedly creative types, inspiration comes in many different ways. The funny thing is usually it comes when we least look for it. Somehow the more we actually seek inspiration, the more it hides on us. Kind of like looking for the cat when you actually WANT to give it attention. At least this ... Read More

My Adventurous Life

It is uncanny how much of life slips by when one does nothing but sleep and play video games. It is even more uncanny when it gets hard to distinguish between the video games and dreams! But since my last attempt at posting I have basically been sleeping and playing games, so any noteworthy tales that have been happening around me … well ... Read More

Nothing to see here!

My sense of humor went on vacation without bothering to give me any notice, leaving me high and dry for blog posts again. We seriously have to have a discussion. It’s all well and good for my sense of humor to want to get away now and then, but the inconsiderate bugger did not even ... Read More