Monthly Archives: April 2013

Geyser dreams

There is something about wilderness activities that brings out the best in human nature. It is like getting outside the toxic fumes of civilization, breathing in all that nasty fresh air and actually communing with flora that was not made in China triggers some long forgotten gene that makes us actually be NICE to each other. People ... Read More

Tough questions

When we meet new people, there are always a selection of questions we will ask that are intended to both break the ice and to get some quick info on whether or not we should run screaming and dive under a table or not. We all have our own priorities, so the questions may vary a bit, ... Read More

Ninja Cats build houses too

My niece is on vacation this week. Seeing as higher education and introductory education have nothing remotely in common, her parents, who both do work for a local college, of course do NOT have vacation this week. Enter Uncle Steve. In order for my energetic niece to not actually get bored out of her skull ... Read More

A day in the life (sort of)

I was just introduced to the Turtlewomp family. Bubba Turtlewomp, mysteriously found on a roof when he was a child (with no explanation), managed to make it through life, and even found himself a mate, despite having only one known skill … underwater basket weaving. He likes blue. His wife, Angel, a very nice, smart ... Read More

I do my kitchenware shopping at bars

It is amusing how sometimes we can not manage to see what is right in front of us. I know it happens to ME all the time. Even with my new glasses, that allow me to recognize that the world is not actually fuzzy unless in is within an arm’s length of me, I still ... Read More

Explain this one to me!

My dream style pretty much follows the same pattern of the rest of my life. All or nothing and random. I go through periods when I don’t seem to dream at all, or at least have no memories of them at all. This seems to be usually when life is actually cooperating with my crazy arse, and ... Read More

~!@#ing fingers

As I write more and more, I have noticed a few things have happened. My head is now three sizes larger than it used to be, since I am now aware of the master of words that I no doubt am (at least in my own mind). My sense of the ridiculous is much sharper, ... Read More

A good day!

Today I got out of bed bright and early. It being monday, which is weigh in day as I try to lose the extra person that seems to have hopped on board, and found that I actually made progress. The sun was up, and actually felt warm! Yep spring is definitely making its presence known finally. Let’s ... Read More