Monthly Archives: May 2013

It’s all in the phrasing …

My life seems to be a constant shift between all or nothing. Specifically when it comes to time. I either have so much time on my hands that soap operas seem Shakespearean, or I have a constant stream of things to do that require that I unfreeze my clones. I seem to be slipping into the busier ... Read More

The dangers of a bed

Back in my Test Dummy days, when I bounced instead of crumbled, I wore any injuries I came across as badges of honor. A bruise was just proof I actually DID something. Scratches that had blood on them just an indication that it was something that stood out … like alligator wrestling or sledless sledding. If I ... Read More

In need of a good exorcist

I was going to once again share my woes with Bureaucracy Demons, since it is that time of year when a specific species of them comes out of their caves. But the state health care demons are just way to easy to ridicule these days. Instead of learning from past inefficiency they seem determined to surpass themselves ... Read More