Monthly Archives: July 2013

I blame Microsoft

Yesterday was a rather interesting adventure. It was one of those nothing quite goes as planned kind of days. It all started when I woke up bright and early at about 730 AM and for some reason all the clocks in the house said 1230PM. FORTUNATELY I had nothing specific that had to be done ... Read More

Anybody have a spare Holy Hand Grenade?

As I am sure I have mentioned before (probably about every other post), I have this love hate relationship with technology. Specifically … computers. When I was a kid, I worshipped the buggers, and wanted nothing more than to become king of the geeks. Somewhere along the way, computers and I started having spats on ... Read More

The terrors of golf

Being a pseudo athlete … translation, once loooong ago I was pretty good at sports and now-a-days have been known to watch them for five minutes or so … I have to admit, I simply do NOT get golf. I know this might bring some grown men to tears, and I will be blacklisted from the ... Read More

The "Are you done speaking yet?" Workout

It being summer and all, I am a bit late in achieving my goal of looking good in a bikini. But better late than never. As I might have mentioned once or thrice, I am in the process of getting into shape. Technically I am in A shape, but it is not necessarily the shape that I ... Read More

"THEY" made me do it

One of the beauties of advances in electronic media is now-a-days we can do just about EVERYTHING on-line. Need to go shopping for food? Just order it online, and it will mysteriously appear at your door. Need to file your taxes? Just sign your refund away and you will never have to actually leave your ... Read More