Monthly Archives: October 2013

A few hiccups

In my recent relocation to  … more creative environs … I neglected to take into account a few potential difficulties. In much less flowery and simpler english, it seems moving my office to a bar has some drawbacks. Being the always helpful guy that I am, I figured I would give others who might want ... Read More

I survived the great giraffe invasion of ’13

These days, the concept of news as a way of actually letting the world in on what is going on in the … well … world … is obsolete. In our over-informationed, money worshipping world, news has become just another business. As far as I can tell, its product is "facts", if one defines "facts" ... Read More

New location (sort of)

As I have no doubt mentioned a few times before, I am somewhat of a hermit as of recent years. While this has a few benefits, such as not having to be a sane person having to deal with a world gone bonkers (while the world conveniently thinks the opposite), it also has a few ... Read More