Yearly Archives: 2014

Lost in time … yet again!

Hey guys! I am back! Guys? Guys? Yooohoooo! ‘memba me? Between my cosmic wanderings of late and my eternal goal to get the world’s record for the most number of unread blogs, I have been fairly busy of late. IN the world even! One would think that would mean much fodder for this site, and ... Read More

Signs, signs everywhere signs (not)

Occasionally there is a malicious rumor that goes around implying I am somewhat smart; that I have a fairly functional brain in my head. Whenever this happens, I do my best to clear the air. The simple truth is I am basically clueless … especially when it comes to how other people think. There is ... Read More

Fruit difficulties

I have not been here in a very long while. Not just because I have been off wandering the like the intrepid explorer I am (not). But I keep misplacing my sense of humor, which makes taking note of humorous anecdotes that much harder. Add to that the constant uncertainty of internet access and I ... Read More

It’s all in the phrasing

Most people who have followed any of my blogs have probably gathered that I am kind of fond of words .. especially playing with them. I have always found language a fascinating creature, especially because it can be so widely manipulated. Everyone does it to some extent. Advertisers completely redefine the meaning of words all ... Read More

Going on a stroll …

I may have mentioned this once or twice, since I am prone to self promotion … it makes me feel like I am popular having a whole slew of blogs, even if it might be the same five people reading all of them … but I am going on an adventure in a few weeks. ... Read More

Advances in shouting

Back in the day, we had these things called voices. These things had strange capabilities. They could make multitudes of sounds, at a variety of volume levels, resulting in the possibility of actually being heard by others. At first the sounds were probably mostly expressions of the needs of the moment. For instance when some ... Read More

What I have learned in recent weeks.

Once upon a time there was no internet. I know, I know, many cannot imagine such a thing. The internet changed the world in many ways. For instance, back in the day, one could actually forgive ignorance, because some people simply did not have the knowledge available to them to actually LEARN. Now that we have ... Read More

Kicking the habit

Humans are pretty addictive critters. I guess it was one of those things programmed into our DNA to add to the amusement of the gods … along with our susceptibility to Reality TV and advertising. Unfortunately, I have yet to meet anyone who does not claim at least ONE addiction. Most of us probably have ... Read More

Planning ahead

How to set up a basic house wide water filter so it is easy to replace (in 10 easy steps): Put it at the far end of a crawl space that would have a little person on their hands and knees. Make sure the instructions are simple, clear, and leave any pertinent information out. Make ... Read More

Change is in the air!

Since today is the second day of … well … SOMETHING, change seems to be a good topic to discuss. Rumor has it that it is actually a "new year" when everyone is deciding how life will be different from the old year, despite the fact that without a calendar no one would even notice ... Read More