Yearly Archives: 2015

Weather or not …

When I walk out the door lately, I realize that I have successfully combined every stereotypical image of "The Computer Geek" and the "Eccentric Hermit" into one package. No doubt anyone else seeing me is consumed with … well awe is definitely NOT the word. More likely a vague confusion about what exactly I am and ... Read More

Aroma Therapy

My routines lately have become very … well … routine. I guess one can expect this with routines. Most of mine at the moment revolve around keeping a Ninja Cat happy, namely Brown Dog (that site seems to be having issues at the moment, but I will include the link for much-needed self promotion). I have ... Read More

The power of the press

Yep! Another post so soon. Humor abounds this week!! But don’t go thinking I actually exited my cave to interact with the world. THIS ONE comes from a newspaper headline. That is another thing that has become a joke in the modern world. Once upon a time, NEWS sources were dedicated to telling people what ... Read More

Handwriting analysis

Now that I have once again switched gears from Intrepid Adventurer to Grumpy Hermit, I find that as much as I want to have amusing anecdotes to share, for the most part the only thing I have to laugh at lately is myself … and I am not all that funny. But, try as I ... Read More

A sucker is reborn every minute

A lot has happened since I chose to embrace my own version of sanity.  The world continues to show me how wise a choice that actually has been. Between advances in technology actually causing the human brain to shrivel up (how else can we explain willful ignorance with such an easy abundance information), and the ... Read More

I am officially giving up sanity

I have once again not posted here in a while. Ironically it is not from a lack of humor to be found around me, but rather life these days has become so laughable it is hard to narrow things down to one little set of words. Between our governments showing us that being a power-hungry ... Read More

The dangers of "civilization"

One of the oddities about writing a blog based on life is the more one actually "lives" said life, the less blogging they will do. When that blogger actually has a whole gaggle of blogs, it becomes even more of a challenge. Ironically the one blog that probably has the most subject matter … the ... Read More