Monthly Archives: October 2015

Aroma Therapy

My routines lately have become very … well … routine. I guess one can expect this with routines. Most of mine at the moment revolve around keeping a Ninja Cat happy, namely Brown Dog (that site seems to be having issues at the moment, but I will include the link for much-needed self promotion). I have ... Read More

The power of the press

Yep! Another post so soon. Humor abounds this week!! But don’t go thinking I actually exited my cave to interact with the world. THIS ONE comes from a newspaper headline. That is another thing that has become a joke in the modern world. Once upon a time, NEWS sources were dedicated to telling people what ... Read More

Handwriting analysis

Now that I have once again switched gears from Intrepid Adventurer to Grumpy Hermit, I find that as much as I want to have amusing anecdotes to share, for the most part the only thing I have to laugh at lately is myself … and I am not all that funny. But, try as I ... Read More