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A cure for headaches

I am no Adonis. Even at my fittest, my six-pack was more like a half keg, but it did not keep me from being active, strong, and even fairly athletic. I won’t say I NEVER got sick, but more often than not any ailments I suffered from were self-induced, and those few that were brought ... Read More

Criminal masterminds

My social life is pretty much non-existent. It’s not so much that I am anti-social … rather I no longer have the patience to deal with the average social entity. I hide in my cave, my social activity basically limited to exchanging benign comments about the weather to anyone I happen to encounter while walking ... Read More

Ninja cats?

This is custom heading element I have been writing in some form for my whole life, but for various reasons never shared what I wrote. In recent years, it became apparent to me that I actually had some skill with words, and others might appreciate what I have to say. I decided ... Read More

A tough colonectomy

As we traverse this crazy adventure some affectionately (or drearily maybe, depending on your point of view) called LIFE, we constantly encounter challenges of varying difficulties. These will range from "did something just happen" to "if their IS a god, please call ALL of your heavenly heroes back from leave cuz I need some serious smiting ... Read More

Dog Training

As some may have guessed, I am not big on rules. To me, rules, for the most part, are simply one being trying to control another being for their own purposes. Don’t get me wrong, SOME structure is necessary, but even then the rules need a certain level of flexibility to do their job right. This may ... Read More

Just call me speedy!

I have an Adonis-like physique. In the interest of modesty, and to keep groupies from invading my peaceful neighborhood (translation … wake the dead), I cleverly mask said physique with a mass of flesh that is the envy of even the fittest of pears. How do I maintain my glorious figure? First there is my ... Read More

Urine the money

As I continue to hide from all things social, it becomes more and more difficult to collect humorous anecdotes. Add to that the basic fact that humanity, especially that particular section of humanity that likes to call itself American has gone so far off the plot that NOT laughing at them may be a considered ... Read More

The question is …

I have determined that I am the writer’s equivalent of bipolar. I am not sure that psychologically I qualify (though I am also not sure I do NOT not), but my writing habits sure do.I seem to either have a plethora of positive to share, or a storm cloud of negative. And since I prefer ... Read More

Weather or not …

When I walk out the door lately, I realize that I have successfully combined every stereotypical image of "The Computer Geek" and the "Eccentric Hermit" into one package. No doubt anyone else seeing me is consumed with … well awe is definitely NOT the word. More likely a vague confusion about what exactly I am and ... Read More

Aroma Therapy

My routines lately have become very … well … routine. I guess one can expect this with routines. Most of mine at the moment revolve around keeping a Ninja Cat happy, namely Brown Dog (that site seems to be having issues at the moment, but I will include the link for much-needed self promotion). I have ... Read More