I survived the great giraffe invasion of ’13

These days, the concept of news as a way of actually letting the world in on what is going on in the … well … world … is obsolete. In our over-informationed, money worshipping world, news has become just another business. As far as I can tell, its product is "facts", if one defines "facts" as information put together to convince someone of a truth that may or may not actually be true. These "facts" will be sold to anyone who is willing to buy them. The end result is a lot of so-called facts floating around, with no one actually knowing any more than they did before. Of course, despite the potential to cause damage like … I don’t know … spreading hatred and intolerance … or minor things like collapsing world economies … this is nothing to worry about. After all it is simply business. And politics.

To make it even more fun, there are a bunch of amateurs out there adding to this abundance of "facts". Add a picture with some wise sounding words, and maybe a link or two to the "facts" found in the news, and the next thing we know it is confirmed that Elvis is alive, converted to Islam, and actually responsible for Global Warming.  Fortunately we don’t have to worry about these "facts" any more than that of the news. After all, that is simply called Social Networking.

No there is no danger in misinformation that incites riot and fear, poisoning minds against each other on a regular basis. This is truly not a danger to society! There is a much more insidious threat, something that could possibly end the world as we know it. Not only might people find a little giggle forming in their throats, but they might actually be forced to THINK for a few seconds. This simply cannot be tolerated! Such deviant behavior is just opening the door for ne’er do wells everywhere to not do their wells. It could be the end of civilization! Don’t get sucked in folks! It is truly a horrible thing!

I speak, of course, of the recent invasion of giraffe’s bearing riddles.  I am about to get graphic here, so if you have a weak stomach you might want to skip down to the next paragraph. What seems to be happening, is that random giraffes, masquerading as your friends, will ask us to … GASP … answer a riddle! And if we get it wrong, we must convert ourselves to giraffism, and ask others the same riddle … in order to spread this vile plague! What’s worse, there is a serious threat of actual VIRUSES that may or may not exist if we download the wrong giraffe picture. Run for your lives folks!!!


Don’t get sucked in! Stick with the endless, mind-numbing posts of personal agendas that ask that we STOP thinking. Stay with the safe spread of misinformation intended to keep us constantly at strife with each other … as life SHOULD be. Don’t dare think for second, or worse yet smile or even LAUGH for a second, because that is simply NOT what the information superhighway is actually for. Giraffes are most definitely EVIL. Don’t let them take over!

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