Interview with a Ninja

Once again I have not posted here in a while. It is not so much that there has not been anything funny to share, but right now much of my life is just plain laughable, so it is hard to single anything out. Well that and I made an attempt to actually live IN the world for a bit. One would think that this would be a great opportunity to get fodder for the blog, but that would presume that I was an actually organized person who thought ahead.

If you think that you no doubt have not met me.

On a whim ( and noticing how long it has been since I posted here) I decided to sit down and get my (hopefully drunken) audience into tears of laughter with one of my amazing and funny anecdotes. Unfortunately, as soon as I sat at the computer, my huge list of amazing and funny anecdotes flew right out of my mind.  Just like when person A asks you person B’s name, and no matter how long you might have known person B for some reason at that moment in time you completely forget the answer.

As I often do when I am trying to think of something to write … I headed to the kitchen. Nothing like snacking on unnecessary foods to get the brain creating. Noticing the time, I kept a wary eye out for Ninja Cats, seeing as Lucky usually appears in a puff of smoke about this time of day to try to make me fall flat on my face. Usually after she attempts to kill me, we have a good conversation. She has become quite vocal lately. Admittedly, my grasp of catese is still highly limited, but that does not prevent her from having a lot to say. In a brilliant flash, I thought what better thing to share on the blog than the wisdom of one of the Ninja Cats? So I got out my trusty iPhone and started an interview.

Brace yourself for enlightenment, for here it is …

So much for THAT "interview". Maybe next time.

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