New location (sort of)

As I have no doubt mentioned a few times before, I am somewhat of a hermit as of recent years. While this has a few benefits, such as not having to be a sane person having to deal with a world gone bonkers (while the world conveniently thinks the opposite), it also has a few shortcomings. The most notable being not dealing with the world. This makes such things as the six blogs I have created, all supposedly devoted to observing the world on some level, slightly limited in compass, and no doubt boring as hell to anyone who actually lives IN the world. Most of the more humorous posts on this blog happen on those rare occasions when I actually left my cave. So it seems that if I actually try that whole  visiting the world again thang, I might be able to call myself a "real" blogger.

Fortunately my favorite watering hole, after doing me the discourtesy of burning itself down, reopened again, giving me some long overdue incentive to leave the cave. I spent the last week pretending I was a twenty something with money to spend and a body that does bounces, which was quite a pleasure until I remembered that I am a forty something, poor, and pretty breakable these days. At some point, when I was still slightly lucid, it dawned on me that maybe actually hanging out IN the world was not always ALL bad, and it might even provide inspiration for writing, and maybe even … CONTENT.

And what better place then a bar for stories about life?

So I am trying my second day in my new "office". So far it seems to be working, since the only writing I have done recently has been here. But there are still a few difficulties to overcome:

  • My computer seems to have gotten as unsocial as I have been, and is reacting very negatively to the change in location.
  • I have to keep my naughty surfing to a minimum. Not that I ever actually do such a thing.
  • The internet is even slower than my own. Good thing I have no hair left anyway.
  • Restaurant food is not really good for my diet … or my wallet’s diet either.
  • The only plug for my grumpy computer is off in a back corner, so I am not sure if this actually qualifies as BEING HERE.

I have high hopes though. No only have I written this somewhat lame but possibly informative post, I got a "sign" from the bar that makes me feel I made a good choice ( the bartender welcomes could just be and indication of fond tip memories after all):


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