Our corrupt "youth"

Especially with the movement towards a digital society, we have become a world defined by … well …


Now this is not really a completely new concept, but it seems fads now take on the same quality as most social interactions do these days, i.e. a picture with a few words to be shared on a social site. One of the more horrifying … er … um … seasonal fads of recent years is the wonderful Elf on a Shelf concept. It somehow seems appropriate in this day and age of everyone screaming for privacy and hiding from Big Brother, that we develop a sort of worship for a creepy little elf that likes to randomly appear in the oddest places, simply to stare down at us and make us shiver … I mean to entertain the social network masses in pictures.

Some of the pictures do manage to be a bit on the humorous side, I will grudgingly admit.

My sister found a recent one irresistible enough to share. My mother, who is now a FB junkie thanks to my tutelage, saw the picture and got a kick out of it. Ironically, what she saw and what my sister saw was truly … exact opposites. It is almost refreshing to know that civility and a pure mind still exist, even if it comes from an earlier time. Our modern society has become entirely TOO cynical, and our minds find it rather difficult to imagine life without a gutter, let alone VISIT said life. The photo in question:


My mother thought it was cute and laughable how the elf was eating the chocolate off the cookies one at a time and moving backwards. It almost seemed heartless to tell her that to we corrupted souls of newer generations, it was pretty much the flip side of that.

What do YOU see? 😉

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