I am a little short today!

""Being the wandering soul that I am, I have not exactly been regular with such mundane things as yearly checkups. I am generally a healthy guy. That being said, when I do break I go all out. Like crushing my leg in a car accident or having a heart attack. So for the last couple of years I have actually seen some doctors on a nearly regular basis.  Today was my annual checkup with my "Primary Care" Physician.

This may be the first time since I have been a child that I actually had two consecutive annual checkups in a row. And with the same doctor even! Unheard of!! Of course this would be only the third time I have met the woman. Yet oddly she knows me more intimately than most.

""I go into the doc’s office dreading the normal things a guy my age dreads when on the annual visit. First comes the … looming bad guy music here … scale. Of course since I have been effectively living on a computer for the last few months it was no surprise to me the number was higher than I wanted. The real surprise was when they measured my height. Seems I am actually 2 inches shorter than I thought I was.

This is rather a shock to the system. Here I have been thinking for years that I was 5′ 11". It even used to say that on my driver’s license. Though it seems the number has gone down there too because now it seems to say 5′ 10". So the question is have I been shrinking, or have I just been mistaken for most of my adult life?

This is a serious blow to my self-esteem. I went in there this morning thinking I was a slightly less than average height guy, only to find that I am even less average than I thought I was. How is a guy supposed to face this belittling fact? I will not take it sitting down! Especially since I will be that much smaller if I sit!

I’ll have to admit though that if the worst news I get from a doctor’s visit is that I am actually shorter than I thought I was, life is looking pretty good!