I am crying …

Yesterday I said I wanted my laugh back.

Today I am writing this post with tears in my eyes.

If you have not been made aware yet, we have had another school shooting. The worst yet as far as I know. We don’t even know all the details yet, because it just happened. So far about 30 people dead … most of them children.

I am tired. So very tired.

We fight over land. Over resources. Over who’s god is the better god. All we do is fight.

Why? WHY?

There is no conceivable justification for this. I do not know what I believe about God. But I do know that if this is part of some divine plan, than I want nothing to do with that divinity. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION FOR THIS!!

We put labels on people. Call them enemy because of where they live, or what they believe, or the color of their skin. So who was the terrorist who did THIS act? Was it some crazed Islamic Fanatic? Did the devil make him do it? Or maybe some poor lost soul that was so lost in the world that he thought the only way he could get noticed was wholesale slaughter of innocents? After all the news and Hollywood train us this is the best way to get noticed. Who do we blame for this? Because that is already the talk. He must have been crazy. Or this is why we should not have guns … just a new reason to promote a political agenda.

If we must cast blame, I blame us all. We have stopped taking responsibility and learned to cast all motivations on someone else. The government. Those evil Arabs. Must be the Jews fault. It God’ will.


This heinous act was done by a man. A man who made his own choice. Whatever reason’s he could conjure up to justify it … he made the choice. And you cannot tell me that the kind of hatred and pain that would generate a choice like this was not there to see if others simply opened their eyes. We have become so indifferent to each other … so selfish and obsessed with our own concerns that we cannot even see when another needs help. We are all to blame, because we have lost the ability to simply accept and love. We have lost the ability to take responsibility; to help someone who needs help.

This could have been prevented!!!

I don’t know if my tears are from anger or from sorrow for the loss of lives … mostly lives ended far too soon. Probably both. All I can say is:


I will cry for the world. And when the tears have washed away, I will get up and FIX IT! Anyone care to help?