I am occupied giving thanks for Thanksgiving

It has dawned on me that I have not been purely creative in a while. At least not without some egging on like with the 100 Word Challenge. So I today I am trying to do a “poetic” ode to yesterday. Enter at your own risk! Sorry in advance for any painful liberties.

T’was the day after Thanksgiving, and all through the gut,
is pleasure and some pain from being the on glutt.
The leftovers are stored in the fridge with some care,
In hopes that hunger will again soon be there.

The memories are nestled all snug in my head,
with visions of creating words to be read.
Telling a tale of great joy, and some sorrow,
temptation is strong to wait ’til tomorrow.

But the computer is on and my fingers are typing,
before age and sleepiness does some memory wiping.
I think of good food, the lack of … not any,
And of laughter and smiles on the faces of many!

I think of a bright child, as her family she does ask,
questions of the past, with many answers coming back.
She learns of times gone, to share and to show,
Though sadly one’s memory does slowly away go.

I think of eating, and then eating some more,
and of dogs happy to grab what may fall to the floor.
Of a dinner the likes of we have not had in a while,
as plates and dirty silverware grow a great pile.

I think of great games, some old, and some new,
A tough challenge for some, yes this was so true.
As one who once would have loved to games play,
Sits searching and searching of what memories may stay.

The memories we create will make so many glad,
Even if portions of them are also a bit sad.
Many thanks we are giving, as Thanksgiving we share,
For brief moments at least, in our worlds not a care.

So here’s to the future. And here’s to the past.
Here’s to creating great memories, always to last.
Though sadness does visit, joy is still strong.
May these memories we create, live very long.