I am officially giving up sanity

I have once again not posted here in a while. Ironically it is not from a lack of humor to be found around me, but rather life these days has become so laughable it is hard to narrow things down to one little set of words. Between our governments showing us that being a power-hungry megalomaniac is best done with the mentality of a 5-year-old and the hormones of a teen, to the fine art of mental manipulation that is anything media these days … one almost needs to hide from the world so that we don’t choke with laughter. But in order to prevent said choking, I feel the need to pontificate humorously. At least in MY mind. I have been known to be the one who laughs the loudest at my own jokes (when I am not the ONLY one laughing). But allow me my delusions.

Sanity is basically a figment of someone’s imagination. It, like history, is defined by those in charge. But I am officially denying anyone else the right to dictate my life for me, and thus will randomly choose my current state of sanity based on my mood, the weather, and the drink in front of me (most recently Petron and Pickle Juice). Yep, this world has gone so bonkers that strictly abiding by an arbitrary set of sanity rules really is counter-productive,

It is sadly true that we can gauge the mindset of the world by spam. Yet that has become one of the ultimate truths of the age of technological over-stimulation. I love receiving emails about how to gain a drug free lifestyle right after the one selling me a hard on in a bottle. Or maybe the paper mail with all sorts of inserts asking me to donate money to save trees. I love the whole concept of having to opt out of a mailing list that I never opted in for in the first place. And to make it more fun, this nonsense now has grown beyond email … now we get it on our phones too.

But spam has gone beyond simple communications. The very media has joined in the spam revolution. News has little to do with imparting knowledge, now it is about messing with minds. Entertainment is just a longer commercial. Yep the world has decided to totally redefine what sanity means, and I want no part of it. So I rejoice in governments that feel that denying OTHER people’s salaries is an effective way to balance a budget. That is like turning of the power grid to conserve electricity. I embrace the war on drugs as long as they are not on the official “legal” drug list. I love the war on terror when we are not using fear to sell products. And I have to laugh to tears on war for the sake of peace.

I think the answer to the worlds problems may in fact be to stop taking things so seriously. I went through a phase in life in which I felt shamed to laugh at pain. But I have since realized that we can choose to share the pain, or we can choose to find the bright side in the darkness. Laughter, even so-called “inappropriate” laughter, is to the soul as music is to the ears. It is what keeps us moving forward when everything is trying to drive us back. So join me in boycotting sanity. Laugh. Laugh LOUDLY. Make everyone look at you with an odd face combined with a bit o’ jealousy.

The world IS a funny place.