I can Doo it!

I often have thought that I should start my own business. But every business has to have a product of some sort, even if the product is just a service. And I have yet to come up with a product that I love enough, or that is unique enough to make me think: "Yes! That is what I want to do! I can survive by doing that!" I mean you can’t just sell anything right?

Well apparently you actually can. A recent commercial gave me hope that no matter what I come up with, someone will be interested in the product. Apparently people will buy anything. Especially if one aims at children.

It also convinces me that the end of the world is surely nearing us.

If you are struggling for that perfect gift for the holidays, especially that perfect gift for the child who already has everything, I offer you the wondrous:

Doggie Doo Game!

Yes, this too can be yours. Just watch the video, it says it all!


Once again I am awed by what humans are capable of! I have hope again (careful, the sarcasm factor of the last sentence is nearing harmful levels!)

Where is my credit card anyway?