I have a few questions …

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Why is it not acceptable to blame easy access to guns for gun violence, but it IS acceptable to blame women for the rape of women?

Why is it frequently the same people having those conflicting thoughts?

Why do (again often the same) people find blaming lack of prayer in schools is a valid explanation, but lack of societal responsibility is not?

Why do people scream that their rights are being violated because someone wants to ensure a dangerous tool only gets in the hands of those who will use it responsibly, yet our right to vote … incidentally the whole reason the constitution was written in the first place … gets violated all the time with out anyone flinching?

Why do I need to REGISTER to actually use my primary right of voting, yet it is perfectly reasonable to not have to register to have use of a device that kills?

Why is it ok to be a hateful bastard when MY religion says it is, but if YOUR religion says so you are terrorists?

Why is it ok to use woman’s breasts to SELL things, but it s not ok to use them to … say … feed a baby (the reason they exist in the first place)?

Why is it so acceptable to pick and choose which aspects of the bible, koran, constitution, etc we choose to follow?

Who is it we fear so much that we need to constantly defend ourselves? And if it is our own government, how can we call ourselves patriotic if we want to take down our government?

Why don’t people use their own heads, and actually THINK about what they are saying, instead of allowing those with personal agenda’s and LOTS of money TELL us how to think?

Why do we think new laws will fix anything, when the only people who OBEY the laws are the ones who don’t need them? Why do we find it reasonable that the only answer to violence is more violence?

Why is it US and THEM?

Seriously. Why?