I just got younger!

It has been my experience that the older a person gets, the more stubborn they get.

My mother for instance. I have been have some legal problems with my driver’s license (if you are really curious take a look here). Mom had just received an update from the car insurance company. You know one of those ones that explains everything about your policy, but can actually only be understood by one who has a PhD in insurancese.

I am listed on my parent’s insurance because I drive dad’s car since he can no longer drive it. For some reason, my little sister, who has not lived in my parent’s house for years, is also listed. My mother was all excited because the insurance listed the whole mysterious point system that determines your deductible, and she said mine showed that my driving record was perfect (fuel for my legal issues).

So I take a look at it. And I don’t see what she is talking about. For whatever reason, the drivers are listed by birthdate  and license number, not name. So she points to what she is talking about.

“That’s not mine. That’s Lisa’s [my sister]”.

Mom says, “That’s your birthday!”

I point to the correct entry and say “No that’s mine.”

Mom comes back with : “That’s not your birthday!”

Now granted mom is likely to know when she gave birth to me. I sure don’t remember.

I hope my younger sister is not too disappointed to find out she is actually my older sister!