I need to be where?

As I wonder through life, trying to figure out what I am going to do when I grow up, I have had many different types of jobs. My most recent attempt to pretend I was actually part of the working world had me as a lifeguard at a Health Club. This job suited me because it had a flexible schedule, and was theoretically about helping people. I actually worked there for a few years (albeit basically part-time) which for me is generally unheard of. I also like the idea of not having to deal with computers in this job, since I have a love/hate relationship with technology … as I have mentioned quite often.

So of course since I did not in fact have to work with computers, I instead had to try to use computers to organize my life … and not get paid for doing it naturally. That is the problem with love/hate relationships. You just can’t say no completely.

What can I say, I am a Gemini.

""In an effort to keep track of a fairly random schedule, and to play with some cool techie things that I did not really need, I attempted to use electronic calendars. Since I have a gazillion email addresses (ok maybe I am exaggerating again) I tried the calendars associated with each just to compare. And found none of them really helped my life in any way whatsoever. But for a short period I set up my schedule at the time with daily reminders of when I should be where sent to my email to annoy me sufficiently into getting to work on time. Ironically I very rarely am late even without a calendar reminder … or even owning a watch for that matter. So as you see the calendar was really not necessary.

This bit of experimenting happened two or three years ago. So imagine my surprise to get  a notice from Hotmail Calendar reminding me that I had to be at work at such and such a time, said time being the schedule I had three years ago. Not to mention I don’t even work at the Health Club anymore and have not for about a year. And since that notice I get almost daily reminders to show up at the job I no longer have.

Talk about an efficient use of technology!

Maybe I should have scheduled myself a few years in advance. That way I would not be making up as I go along like I do now. Silly me!