I really put my foot in it this time

As anyone who has ever stubbed a toe or stepped on a pebble while barefoot can testify to, feet are sensitive buggers. Most people I know who are not really ticklish are at the very least ticklish on their feet. I have made a habit of training my feet into toughness (read that as I never wear shoes or socks) so I can take more punishment then many, but some things are still an issue.

""For instance, have you ever put on a sock that has some fuzz-balls in it? You feel like there is this boulder in your sock that will most likely lame you for life. So you take the sock off and look, only to find nothing. Put the sock back on and there is the boulder again. Eventually you turn the sock inside out in a desperate search for the boulder, only to find this minuscule little ball of lint.

Today as I was preparing to take my soon to be eye-opening journey, I did my usual "prep for an outing" things. You know such things as actually putting clothes on and the like. When it got time to get the shoes on, I got a fresh pair of socks and put them on. All well. No boulders.

I put my shoes on. Right foot all good. Left foot …

In the exact same spot, no matter the shoe, there is a boulder under my left big toe. Feels like my sock is all bunched up. I take the foot out, search and adjust the sock. Nothing. Search the shoe. Nothing. Yet when I put my foot in, I seem to grow an extra foot of toe in that one spot (no pun intended).

I have to admit, it is toe-tally annoying.

OK this time the pun was intended! Sorry.