I think we all could use a bit o' this!

I haven’t really had much to say in the blogging world lately (as some may have noticed). It is not so much writer’s block as a lack of fresh ideas I guess. It seems even to me lately that I am just repeating my own thoughts in new patterns. When one gets bored reading their OWN creations … well maybe it is time for a shift in perspective again!

I could go on a healthy rant about all that is wrong with the world … again … but what would it accomplish? I won’t be saying anything that is not already plastered EVERYWHERE over and over again. Not to mention I really don’t have anything new to say there. There is only so much disgust with humanity one person can share and maintain ANY sense of humor. I could once again plug my new business … but have come to realize that if I actually get anywhere with it will basically simply be by accident … because I don’t have what it takes to make it a success. (Of course that won’t stop me from the blatant plug … one never knows …) While I am blatantly not self promoting by self promoting … how about becoming a citizen the online nation I am trying to create. Maybe with a little help we can make humanity a little less disappointing?

I think that is all the patting myself on the back I have for now. I could do some promoting of friends … like pointing out the intro to a someday best seller that describes some of the life of a renowned idiot … well worth the read! Make sure you continue to follow … it is being revealed in pieces!

But I am just not feeling any of the above, so I won’t write about any of that. Instead I will just share a much needed moment of peace with the world. Take a few seconds … stop thinking. Stop worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. Simply empty the mind and breath … and enjoy this quick reminder of what life is REALLY all about!