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A challenge and an unexpected burger dinner ... well it just had to be done! This week's challenge is a vegetarian's view of the picture at the bottom. I sort of managed something along those lines: Hello my name is Steve and I am a meataholic. Today I would have earned my three month pin, but... Meataholics Anonymous Read More OK class, today we are going to break down a first class raving rant and see what we can learn. Look at the following before we proceed (original to be found here): I AM A BULLY FOR NOT PUTTING UP WITH A NO MORALS PERSON WHO LIES ABOUT ME? THE REAL BULLIES CHILD ARE YOU... Analysis of a rant Read More I am not one for astrology. I believe in the interconnectedness of all things, but I don't believe anyone can predict anything from the positions of stars in the sky. Especially anything about human nature. On the other hand, I am completely dichotomous by nature. Which is ironic since the astrologers label me Gemini. What does this have to do with my title?... My love hate relationship with sleep Read More There is plain and simply NO VALID REASON for hunger and poverty. Our world has enough resources to ensure that EVERYONE in can live a comfortable and healthy life. While disease is not necessarily as easy to eliminate ... there is really NO REASON for any epidemic or pandemic to be able to flourish.... Hope, Duality, and Chinese Food Read More I again offer the gift of the open hand.  I have neither the power nor the place to offer anything.  But maybe the universe will choose to use me as a conduit. So whatever you perceive in this open hand is yours for the taking. If it makes your moment, or your day, or even your... A gift... Read More

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