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You gotta be kidding me! Just when I think people are getting a clue, they go and get all silly again. This newest concept that has the American people screaming in outrage has me totally flummoxed. We live in a society where the public honestly believes that if one is in any way a celebrity, we are entitled to know absolutely EVERYTHING about their... You gotta be kidding me! Read More A Recipe Ingredients: 1 dream a smidgeon of hope a big dose of will as many supportive friends as you can fit Kneed the dream until it is in the shape you desire. Add the smidgeon of hope. Apply will until the dream is firm and solid. Add friends to taste. When the dream looks as you wish, put it in a... A Recipe Read More Birds of a feather … Yep it's that time again! Time to shake my noggin about a bit and see what word combinations emerge this time. Enjoy! Honk was not the most ambitious goose. His flock mates called him downright lazy. It was not his fault he preferred staying in one place than all this crazy flying about every few months.... Birds of a feather ... Read More The value of do nothing “useful” For most of my life (I pretty much discount the first few years when I was more interested in shiny objects than life paths) I have been trying to figure out what exactly I want to do when I grow up. Over the years I have managed to cross off the list a whole bunch of things... The value of do nothing "useful" Read More Once upon a time… Once upon a time in a faraway land ... No! Wait a second. They all start like that. Let's start again. This is a story. It is happening now. There are no princes or princesses. There is just this ordinary, everyday guy. This guy works at an ordinary, everyday job. Once a week he goes someplace... Once upon a time... Read More
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Alternity Alternity
I often dream of other mes, mes that are not me.

These dreams make me wonder if I'm the me I'm meant to be?
Perhaps I have it backwards, I am living the life I should,

to allow all these other mes to be the mes they would.
Perhaps my dreams are alternate mes, the mes of...
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Learning new skills Learning new skills As I have mentioned a few times already, I have been devoting my time lately to learning 3D modelling and animation skills. I am learning these skills for both the pleasure of learning and the satisfaction inherent in creating. I have never sought expertise in anything. To me learning is an open-ended process. Expertise often... Read more Reflections and (in?) a bit of digital art … Reflections and (in?) a bit of digital art ... Our personal awareness of change varies. Some of us refuse to even acknowledge that things DO change. Others are terrified by anything changing, and fight it tooth and nail. Most of us lie somewhere between those extremes. But deny it or fear it all you want ... change is inevitable. When I first took part... Read more Pull yourself together Pull yourself together The last month has reminded me to create for the sake of creating. Experience has told me that this is really the only reason to create. We can put all sorts of noble causes on why we make things, but those are just how we justify for ourselves the energy that may be involved. I... Read more A beginning in An end A beginning in An end I started this year's A to Z Challenge with the sentence: "Every ending is a new beginning." In that post (Z end in Z beginning), I chose to make my version of the challenge Z to A. Today is the last day of this particular journey. In other words:
I am ending at the beginning.
This is...
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A Bit of Beauty A Bit of Beauty The primary reason I took up this challenge this year was to get myself back in touch with my inner spirit. I needed to remind myself that no matter how dark things might appear ... as long as there are those who continue to create, the darkness will never be complete. I also needed to... Read more Continued in curiosity Continued in curiosity As I have proceeded through this year's challenge, I have started several stories that could easily be expanded upon. I may or may not do so, depending on my motivation level. However, yesterday I started another bit of fun that I already had some more to add to. Since today is C day for me,... Read more Devious Drawer Devious Drawer All abodes, from a simple tent to the greatest of castles, have at least one thing in common. No matter how organized the inhabitants, there will ALWAYS be a spot (maybe several) where things that can't seem to find a place to belong will gather. In these spots, one will find bits of this and... Read more Jabberwocky Jr …. a Tale of Revenge Jabberwocky Jr .... a Tale of Revenge

'Twas brillig, and the no longer slithy toves
Had ceased to gyre and gimble in the wabe;
The borogoves has lost all their mimsy,
And the mome raths had lost their outgrabe.

"Mourn the Jabberwock, my son
The jaws that smile, the eyes that watch!
Great friend to the Jubjub bird, and rival of
The frumious Bandersnatch!"

He feared no vorpal sword no...
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The Night Knight The Night Knight The legends of the Hero of the Night were well known throughout the Kingdom of Trifling. The bards would sing of this hero to the joy of tavern crowds even in the most rustic village. Tales of his exploits were told around campfires for any who dared travel between the settled areas where safety reigned.... Read more Lucidity Lucidity Bruce could not open his eyes. He willed his eyes to open, and nothing happened. He tried to lift his arm to rub his eyes, and nothing happened. He tried to shift position, with a similar lack of response. This refusal of his body to cooperate started a panic reaction. The panic made his will... Read more Movie Movie I have been blogging on and off for about seven years now. I started blogging when I truly started understanding how little I fit in this strange society of ours. It was a means to share a bit of myself while not having to really mix with the "rabble". I never expected to become some... Read more The Power of Perseverance The Power of Perseverance I was not sure what I was going to do for today's post. I often draw a blank until suddenly something flips a switch and I have a post ... thought sometimes it might be a day late. Today, I focused on working on a 3D modelling project I started a couple of days ago,... Read more Quality vs Quantity Quality vs Quantity I have never really quite been one with the rest of my peers (as may be obvious from the name of the blog). I am not going to assign blame. It is no more specifically society's fault than it is my own. I see the world in a certain way, as do each of us.... Read more Silliness Silliness Sometimes, Steve stops securing something to say. Sans sally, Steve should seek some sort of stimulation; something to spark speech. In such situations, Steve seems to spring to silliness. Sadly, some seem to scamper off screaming upon seeing Steve's sordid sense of said silliness. Sad to see. Still, Steve strives to succeed. Such sincerity of... Read more Thirst Thirst The bottle was empty. All the bottles were empty. Checking multiple times would not change the fact. He sighed. If only he had not completely missed the last watering hole. It was hard enough running out of water without it being so bloody hot and humid. Time to make a decision.

He looked around. The lush...
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Updating … Updating ... The other day, when I started the computer I received a notification that a one of the programs I use to keep the computer working smoothly needed an update. I clicked on the link to the update, downloaded it, and installed it, only to find the file I just downloaded was actually the same version... Read more Voices Voices

Your inner voice is the voice of divinity. To hear it, we need to be in solitude, even in crowded places.

A. R. Rahman

Everyone has an opinion to offer.

Whether a decision is potentially life altering, or as simple as what one's favorite color is, everyone has an answer...
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Windows (an ode) Windows (an ode) It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. There is little doubt of the truth of this observation ... at least for those who pay attention. I believe that we can rearrange the words a bit and express another, more subtle truth:

Windows are the eyes of the soul.

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Xenophobe the Great … A Warrior's Tale Xenophobe the Great ... A Warrior's Tale KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK.



Sounds of movement. Sounds of objects shuffling. The distinct clinking of arms being readied is heard. A spy-hole opens and a deep, gravelly voice grumbles, "Go away."

"Sir, I am from 'Warrior of Fortune' Magazine. You agreed to an interview for this month's cover story."

A watery, bloodshot...
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You You I looked in a mirror, and what did I see?

A weary old stranger. "Who are you, you're not me?!"

I looked once again, expecting to find,

The me I remember; the me in my mind.

The reflection just stared back, tired and worn,

A face shaped by sorrow, sad and forlorn.

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Z end in Z beginning Z end in Z beginning Every ending is a new beginning.

I have not written anything in months. For that matter, I have not done much of anything in months. There are many reasons for this. I could write a quite a few words on this subject alone. But I won't, because  ... well ... who would wanna read that? Show...
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Ignore them, they will just go away (a.k.a. stick your head in the sand) Ignore them, they will just go away (a.k.a. stick your head in the sand) I am Jewish.

I have no interest in religion. I personally think it is one of the worse inventions that came out of the mind of man. But I was raised in the Jewish tradition, and it is part of my history, a history of which I am NOT ashamed.

Because of this simple fact, certain people...
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More creating More creating I am continuing my exploration of 3D art and animation. I suspect I will be for a while because I am thoroughly enjoying it, it keeps me very busy, and there is a LOT to learn. Here are more of the products of the learning curve. The images are getting more complex,... Read more Art (sort of) Art (sort of) Over the past few months I allowed myself to fall into a very negative space. This happens to me on occasion, but as I get older it seems I find it increasingly difficult to climb out of these holes when I fall into them. I also seem to find them more often lately.... Read more Digital selfie Digital selfie As technology increasingly becomes one of humanity's core imperatives, how we interact with each other has changed significantly. Once upon a time, sharing ideas required one being physically interacting with another on SOME level, but these days our interactions just need the appropriate device. The devices get more complicated, ironically causing the interactions to be... Read more Found some kindling Found some kindling Fire is an emblematic representation of life itself. It is an ever changing mixture of creation and destruction. It can provide comfort while instilling fear. It can rage uncontrolled, or be used with precise finesse. What fire is will be determined by how we choose to use it. And so with life... Read more Even on the darkest day, the sun still rises Even on the darkest day, the sun still rises Today, when my dog woke me for her morning walk, it was dark. The sun had not yet risen, and the clouds were heavy. But the darkness also emanated from within; a shadow on my very spirit. Yesterday was 11/8/2016, Election Day in the US. It was the culmination of a bitter battle ... one... Read more Yipee ki-yay! Yipee ki-yay! I write for many reasons. The most pleasurable is the power of creation that words hold. However, sometimes I write because I am being plagued by ideas that I can't seem to get rid of in any other way. When this happens, writing is essentially a catharsis. The results are often somewhat dark or rant-ish.... Read more The nonsense that kept me up last night The nonsense that kept me up last night RANDOM PERSON: Protect me from terrorists.

GUMMINT: We need a way to identify terrorists.

EMAIL PROVIDER: We use a ROBOT to search everyone's emails so we can try to sell them things they don't really need but MIGHT want.

RANDOM PERSON: That's cool!

GUMMINT: Can you search for keywords that might identify threats too?

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