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Love, loons, legos and lots more … It is time for the L post, and I must admit I am at a Loss. I can't seem to come up with an L word that Lets me create something I actually Like. First I was going to go with Love. But I realized I really know nothing about it. Not to mention... Love, loons, legos and lots more ... Read More Hide and seek It being Thanksgiving and all, I figured I would try one of those 'These are the things I am thankful for' posts. I settled into my thinking pose (which these days is usually going back to sleep), and started making a mental list. Sometime later (I lose all sense of time when I am... Hide and seek Read More Updating … The other day, when I started the computer I received a notification that a one of the programs I use to keep the computer working smoothly needed an update. I clicked on the link to the update, downloaded it, and installed it, only to find the file I just downloaded was actually the same... Updating ... Read More The Three(+) Faces of (St)Eve Time for a little self mockery (and also self-indulgence) for the chance to gain some perspective. I seem to be waking up on the wrong side of the bed lately. In my bed this is not hard to do since all but a small corner is surrounded by walls. As one might imagine then getting... The Three(+) Faces of (St)Eve Read More Unity I found a problem that couldn't seem to be solved. It was time. Time, for others to be involved. I headed to the West, and found a new friend. "Do you, sir, have a hand to lend?" He smiled a smile and laughed a laugh. "What kind of problem do you have?" We set to work with a firm will,... Unity Read More

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